Gold Shape Face Slimming

Gold Shape Face Slimming. Wide Gold Bangle

Gold Shape Face Slimming

gold shape face slimming


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S.H.A.P.E.: Finding and Fulfilling Your Unique Purpose for Life
S.H.A.P.E.: Finding and Fulfilling Your Unique Purpose for Life
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I don’t imagine I’d be smiling either if there were strangers lurking in the bushes taking photos of my child. Give her a break, she’s always with her kids and usually doing something child-oriented.
– Sandy, Auckland, NZ, 30/5/2011 18:36
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Ah, thats the 22K gold plated iPhone in her hand then…..
– Claire, Manchester, 30/5/2011 18:29
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Ummmm Viki Swizerland…actually Kate Middleton now Duchess of Cambridge has in fact never in any way, shape or form been a Wag…
– Eileen, Gloucestershire , 30/5/2011 18:24
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Leave her alone at least she is out with her boys and they’re not with a nanny.
– Only me, South East, 30/5/2011 18:23
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She looks lovely and healthy and it is good to see she has put on some weight to ensure a healthy pregnancy.
– Catherine , Dorset, 30/5/2011 18:18
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She dresses way better than than some pregnant women – This woman could never be frumpy even if she tried – Always chic and always making headlines with her look.
– CAROLINE, LONDON, 30/5/2011 18:18
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This poor woman! She’s been seen dressed down plenty of times and then all she gets is criticism. God forbid if she wears flip flops, as her bunions get torn to pieces, which are hereditary. I’ve never heard her complain about her feet hurting, so why does anyone care? As for her children, like most Kids I’m sure they’d rather play amongst themselves. I’m sure her presence is more about her wanting to spend time with them, than vice versa…
– anon, Barcelona, 30/5/2011 18:18
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Doesn’t she have any casual clothes surely she knows heels in grass is never a good combo and for heavens sake eat something she’s weeks away from giving birth and still looks like a stick insect no wonder she never smiles she must be starving.
– Frieler, Co Antrim, 30/5/2011 18:17
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She sure is clutching that phone tightly. Tense as always & thinking only of the cameras on her.
– Brenda, Drogheda, Ireland, 30/5/2011 18:15
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I’m not a posh fan but am so sick of people slating her. Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she has to be smiley, she probably hates being photographed pregnant, I would! And she can wear whatever she wants. Why should she wear jeans, flats and bare her bump like so many people want her to.
– Cat, London, 30/5/2011 18:13
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I am not a lady, but surely when you are with child, wouldn’t it be more sensible to wear flat shoes to cut down the risk of falling over, for the babies sake..
– Ray , Leeds, 30/5/2011 18:13
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Maggie, Herts, 30/5/2011 10:19 You don’t have to be a ‘Beckham moron’ to have some sympathy for a woman scrutinised so heavily every time she steps outside. I am not and never have been a fan of either her or her husband but to have so much bitterness towards these people (or anyone else you don’t even personally know) is just not healthy, just relax and don’t click on the articles about her or whoever it is you can’t stand today!
– Sue, Dublin, Ireland, 30/5/2011 18:13
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she loked quite happy til she saw the photographers
– h smith, everton supporter, 30/5/2011 18:08
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Her bunions must be killing her!!!
– Linda, Derbyshire, 30/5/2011 18:05
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I can’t believe it …. she almost looks attractive. And then you realise ‘who’ it is !
– Tom, Coventry, 30/5/2011 18:05
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I think it’s a shame that a lot of women feel that if they wear flat shoes it will make them look larger even tho they are really slim, maybe a lack of confidence?
– clare, london, 30/5/2011 18:04
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Does she plan on wearing stilettos in the delivery room? Wouldn’t surprise me.
– Mary, Canada, 30/5/2011 18:00
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Its good for them to go back home, plus Beckham star is waning soccer wise as he is an old man
– Lindiwe , South Africa , 30/5/2011 17:57
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she looks fab to say she is pregnant no doubt……..BUT for god sake she is taking her son to the park,could’nt she find it in her heart to put on some uggs or something? and stop thinking about her legs looking short on camera…… be a mother vic 😦
– joanne, lancashire, 30/5/2011 17:57
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Style over substance as usual. Do we actually expect anything else from this vacuuous woman. I feel incredible sad for the daughter she’s bringing into the world. The body and vanity issues that will be forced on her will be immense. So sad.
– Vikki, Manchester , 30/5/2011 17:56
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St Peter & St Paul (a Grade I Listed Building), Church Road, Ash, Kent

St Peter & St Paul (a Grade I Listed Building), Church Road, Ash, Kent
As I drove into the car park I passed a police car parked by the entrance. I nodded at the two occupants which might have been a mistake. As I walked towards the entrance the the churchyard I noticed they were pointing a camera out of their car in my general direction. They then followed me down to the church. It didn’t seem prudent to ask any questions; they were dressed all in black as seems to be the fashion now and looked quite threatening which I suppose is what they intend! When I came out of the church they were gone. I don’t think they would have known that I’m a dangerous criminal; I take water, flowers and secateurs (a dangerous weapon) to the church. I haven’t been arrested yet!


‘As seen from the south, Ash church appears typically Kentish, with it russet-tiled nave and slightly lower chancel, and the sturdy battlemented west tower and polygonal stair turret. The walls, as in all the upland churches, are built of the flints which the plough everywhere turns up, split and laid split-face outwards to form a smooth surface. Originally they were rendered over with a thick white lime-mortar, traces of which can still be seen in a few sheltered areas of walling (e.g. under the eaves of the north aisle). The dressed stone used for windows and doorways is mostly grey ragstone from quarries a few miles to the south-east which also supplied the stone for all London’s major medieval buildings. But the honey-coloured sand stone used on the south aisle and porch probably comes from the Tonbridge area, a little further afield and rarely used in the uplands. The red brick on the tower, the turret and some of the buttresses is patching, probably of the late eighteenth century. This too was originally hidden by render, but now that it is visible it adds a touch of warm colour to the building. Internally the walls retain their thick coat of rendering, limewashed over. Whether medieval wallpaintings survive under the limewash is not known. The roof timbers are of oak in its natural colour and in the nave and north aisle are medieval.

The thirteenth century chancel is two bays long, and almost without decorative enrichment. The piscina is just a simple niche in the south wall of the sanctuary. This was for the ablution of the priest’s hands and of the chalice and paten at the Mass. To provide side light large lancet windows were placed, one in the north and one in the south wall, each within a large blind arch. (The original lancets in the east wall are lost; the present window dates from c.1860.) A second arch each side, not exactly a pair, opened originally, it seems, into small chapels north and south, quite a common arrangement in Kentish churches. But neither chapel survives: that on the south side was pulled down and the arch blocked in the late Middle Ages, and the Victorian vestry occupies its site; that on the north was quite soon replaced by what is now the Lady Chapel.

[The Lady Chapel] … is artistically the most remarkable part of the church and must have been built in the early fourteenth century. It is certainly earlier than the nave arcades, as is shown by the way the chapel rafters are carried across an arch, which had been cut through the nave wall, into which they were originally built. The flowing tracery in the three windows is typical of that period, and so are the tantalising remains of the stained glass, bright ruby and gold borders and lozenge-shaped quarries each decorated with a maple leaf. All the stained-glass figures are lost, but the stone hoodmould of the east window rests on two lively heads with the curly hair so often seen on carved effigies of that period. (Their counterparts outside are crude modern replacements). The original length of the chapel can be deduced from the form of the roof timbers, and it is now only about half the length it was. When first erected its western half must have overlapped the nave, which was no doubt at that time still without aisles. The timber screen, now sadly cut down, at the west end, probably dates from the period when the chapel was shortened, i.e. late fifteenth or early sixteenth century.

The rebuilding of the nave with aisles must have dramatically transformed the whole church. It is the airy lightness of the present nave design which, more than anything, makes the interior so restful and satisfying. The chancel arch is high and wide, and the length of the nave is spanned by three arches to north and south, on slim octagonal piers. The bold mouldings of the pier capitals and bases look like work of the fourteenth century, but the simple ‘Perpendicular’ panel tracery of the windows suggests a later date, and the only external evidence for the date of the rebuilding is a bequest towards the ‘repair of the nave’ in 1472. The nave roof, with tie beams on handsome pierced spandrels, and crown posts, is contemporary. The north aisle cont

gold shape face slimming

gold shape face slimming

Self (1-year auto-renewal)
With Self as your guide, you’ll discover the secrets to living and feeling better. At only $1 an issue, it’s the investment of a healthy lifetime. Challenge yourSELF, express yourSELF, reward yourSELF and subscribe to SELF! In every monthly issue, Self will help you relieve stress, trim down, tone up, relax your mind, and enhance your body.

Editorial Reviews

Who Reads SELF?
SELF is a motivating monthly self-help manual that gives its 5 million readers the tools and inspiration they need to feel, look and be their very best. Our readers are women looking to slim down, firm up, feel stronger and more energetic or all of the above. They come to SELF for advice on fitness, healthy eating, beauty, fashion, health, relationships, time management and finances. The magazine attends to the reader’s need to look fantastic, but also to live a truly healthy life. SELF’s voice is of the reader’s smartest, most encouraging friend, urging her to be herself, only better.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:
Regular sections of SELF include:
15 Minutes to Your Best Self: Timesaving tips
Beauty Update and Fitness Update
Body Bonus: Tear-out fitness cards
Style it Yourself and Style Solutions
Eat-right Update and Eat-right Need-to-Know
Health Plate: Recipes
Health Update and Health Q&A
Health True Story
Happiness Update and Sex Update
Plus Flash news columns throughout the magazine.
Feature Articles: SELF offers features on beauty, fitness, health, style, happiness and more in every issue, as well as thought-provoking personal essays. A recent issue featured “Walk Your Way Slim,” “Green Your Beauty Routine,” “Natural Cures that Work,” and “The Disorder Next Door,” a special report on disordered eating habits.

Past Issues:

SELF relies on a team of diligent reporters and researchers to bring women the latest news on health, fitness, happiness and more. The magazine’s regular columnists include nutrition expert Joy Bauer, R.D., women’s health columnist Lisa Callahan, M.D., psychiatrist and happiness columnist Catherine Birndorf, M.D. and fitness director Meaghan Buchan, a certified trainer.

Magazine Layout
SELF’s design is clean and impactful, its models happy, confident and relaxed. Reading SELF, you will always find visual “aaah” moments, as well as breathtaking, inspirational photos and humorous and thought-provoking images.

Comparisons to Other Magazines
Many magazines focus on health and fitness, but SELF does so in the most authoritative and sophisticated way. SELF is the only magazine with a regular “happiness” column, and that upbeat, encouraging mood permeats the magazine. SELF is the trainer you want to hug at the end of a session–not the boot-camp instructor. It’s the magazine that feels like a friend, and the one you want to share with your friends.

SELF carries a wide range of advertising, from beauty to automotive to packaged goods. The ad/edit ratio is 50/50. SELF’s top five ad categories are beauty, food/beverages, travel/transportation (including automotive), health/remedies and retail.

SELF has won dozens of awards for its reporting on health, beauty and psychology topics and has been nominated for a total of 11 National Magazine Awards, the magazine industry’s highest honor. The magazine’s 2006 Breast Cancer Handbook won the National Magazine Award for Public Service.

More About SELF:
SELF is the founder of the Pink Ribbon for breast cancer awareness and publishes its Women’s Cancer Handbook in the October issue. SELF also hosts the SELF Challenge, a remarkably effective three-month fitness and healthy eating program in the magazine and online at More than a million women have used the Challenge to slim down, shape up and feel fantastic.


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